joe pass emperor

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    Epi Emperor pickguard?

    Hello! I’ve had no luck finding a pickguard for my 1989 pre JP (Joe Pass) Emperor. I did however find that the Swingster is the spitting image of its predecessors. Is it possible that a Swingster PG would fit the ‘89 Emperor? I’m sure many others are having or have had difficulty purchasing a...
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    Is this a fake Joe pass or One-off?

    Hi, I played this used guitar at a local shop yesterday. The inside label says that it's an Emperor II model. When I was in the store, I looked up the serial number and it came back as a 2005 model made by peerless. I didn't buy it, This guitar has some odd features that I've never seen before...
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    Prince Playing Epiphone: What model is it?

    Hello all! I need help from the Epiphone experts! I cam across a YouTube video of Prince playing with NPG and I couldn't help but be fascinated with the Epiphone hollowbody he was playing. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the model he is playing? At first I thought it was a...