1. H

    Help me to date my Epiphone Riviera

    Hello guys, I'm new here, I didn't know this forum so this is my first post. The thing is that long time ago I bought an Epi Riviera without serial number on it, I had my doubts but I checked it and I didn't find anything that said "I'm a Chinese copy" and it also sounded (and still sounds)...
  2. S

    Wanted: early '90s white G-310

    Hey! I'm seeking a Korean-made Epiphone SG G-310 made between 1989 and 1992 (1991 being the ideal year) in Alpine White with the original Samick pickups with the black covers The year, color, and pickups are all important...I've seen red and black models for sale (and Vintage White models from...
  3. greatguitarsonline

    Hello to all Epiphone pickers

    Hello everyone. I am usually a Fender Telecaster player but have recently rediscovered my love of Epiphone guitars. I have owned a few Korean Les Pauls over the years plus a Sheraton in Tobacco Brown regretted letting go of all of them. Recently bought a Samick Ariafrom 86 which is same as...
  4. N

    1997 Epiphone Les Paul with horseshoe trem

    Hi New to the forum. Got a question though, Can anybody tell me what Les Paul model this 1997 les paul is? It had a golden sticker on the back of the headstock with part of a London address on it, which has since deteriorated. It sports the Epiphone made bigsby style horseshoe vibrato piece...
  5. Jxff

    Epi owner for 11 yrs

    Hi All, I bought a few used Epi's in 2005 and still play them. I almost sold my '04 MIK LP Custom recently, but decided to keep and upgrade with a new JP set from Brandon Wounds and a fresh harness. I also have a 1995 MIK (pre Special II) LP w/ original humbuckers. Later, Jxff