1. Paruwi

    The New FAKE Epi thread

    Please post pics of guitars here if you're in doubt if your Epiphone is legit or not, we will do our best to tell you our view.... some examples of fake/legit Epis.... fake> legit> fake> legit> fake> legit> fake> legit> fake> legit>
  2. C

    Changing the pots in an Epi Ltd Korina Explorer 2016/2017

    Hi guys, first post here. I recently bought a Limited Edition Korina Explorer and I'm not really that satisfied with the pots that came with the guitar; the volume pot acts as if I turned on the volume at max, suffice to say not really a smooth envelope/swell/crescendo or whatever you want to...
  3. Kitcool

    NGD Ltd. Ed. Korina Explorer

    Got the baby from Andertons, ordered wednesday delivered in brussels friday.:applause:extremely well packed and playable (tuning and action ok). Guitar is a 3 pieces body @ 3,7 kg and rings nicely when unplugged. Finish is ok but I'm a bit disappointed by tuners alignment:facepalm:. I was a bit...