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  1. C

    Putting in Seymour Duncan JB. Need help.

    I got a little Les Paul Jr and I'm replacing the bridge pick up with a Seymour Duncan JB. I've got it mounted and the other pick up removed. Stock pickup was just two wires soldered. The JB has 4. No clue where to begin.
  2. StringmanK


    Was checking CL yesterday and found this LP junior, and he was asking less than what half a tank of gas costs me here in California. A few texts and an hour of my time later and she's mine. Hardly a mark or scratch on it. After adjusting the action she plays well enough, and after checking the...
  3. Alty

    Gibson Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar - Gloss Yellow - £349.99....

    Gibson Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar - Gloss Yellow @ Approx 2:45pm (GMT) unless you already have Amazon Prime. (Although apparently all sold out but there is a wait list, got to be quick I suppose for the bargains but one to watch as they do sometimes repeat offers).

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