limited edition

  1. B

    Junior Model Limited Edition Custom Shop?

    Hi all, just picked up an Indonesian-made Junior and need a bit of information. The headstock says "Junior Model," the truss rod cover has a screened E, and the back of the headstock has the "Limited Edition Custom Shop" logo. Not looking to sell it, not interested in it's value, just wondering...
  2. J

    Help : Epiphone Les Paul 2000 Specs

    Hey guys, Looking for some help to identify the specs of this 2000 Les Paul (S/N U00050151). Made in Korea? I need confirmation but if I remember well it might be a Les Paul Custom Limited Edition. Not certain of the color (Mahogany / orange). Modification : I changed the pickups for Gibson...
  3. THRobinson

    Slash AFD Guitar

    An Epiphone Slash AFD guitar caught my eye the other day, and been debating it... sadly I live in the middle of no where so when these pop up for sale, it's usually a 2-3h drive so, I've not had the chance yet to try one. Just curious about the specs on these... tried to Google it but finding...
  4. Olivia Lindsey

    Seeking Information on my Epiphone

    Hey everyone I am looking for some information on my Epiphone Les Paul. I will post some photos of it. It's been in the family since 2000 and we got it used. I am having trouble finding information about it. It is a purple sunburst les paul. the Serial Number is F6100891. I would appreciate any...
  5. Jimbeau

    FS: John Lennon 1965 Casino Limited Edition

    I'm selling my John Lennon 1965 Casino. It's one of the Limited Edition models, an exact recreation of Lennon's guitar. It's a special instrument. Great vibe, feel, sound. I don't need to tell you how great Casinos are. If you can't afford a real vintage Casino, this is probably the closest...