1. JHurt1968

    Fender and Squier Tele and Strat necks-MIJ, MIM

    My CFO wants me to sell off all of my spare parts so expect to see a lot of listings over the next couple of days. Payment through PayPal F&F and no trades please. Continental US only. First up is a ‘86 MIJ Squier Stratocaster neck in excellent condition. All maple with a 7.25 radius, 25.5...
  2. macwell52

    MIJ Emperor Information

    Hello to all and glad to be party of the group. I love Epiphones. I've owned 4 over the years, a Casino and 67 Texan, which I"ve sold and currently own an MIJ Emperor and a Swingster. Hoping to get more information on both but the Emperor for now. Guirtar dating apps dont recognize the serial...
  3. Paruwi

    YamanoGakki Sheraton 1993

    What would be a fair price for one of those older MiJ Sheratons ? comes with other pickups and with hardcase Yes, I am aware it isn't BLACK :lol: It is offered quiet 'cheap' and I think the seller doesn't really know what he's selling (no word of where it was made) and I'm thinking of...
  4. Raiyn

    NPD...strangely not a Danelectro...

    Batch 7100, clear "skeleton" switch, "silver" screw. The circuit board bears the number 052-283B. Supposedly, this is from June '78 but it's definitely an early model. The model ran from Nov '77 to Nov '81 and was one of the first three Boss Compact pedal models produced. I might have...
  5. Alty

    Epiphone FR300 Acoustic (MIJ)....?

    Was looking at this earlier but no info on the Wiki, unless it's listed as something else....There are a few pics about but none with a volume knob like this one has and there are different back/sides as seen one without the stripes? My laptop is dead so no access to older catalogues, anyone...
  6. Alty

    What is this - MIJ LP with White HB's

    A seller on my local FB posted this but with no details, yet....had a quick look on the Wiki and I know pickups can be changed but could be a steal or not....just curious.
  7. M

    WTB: Epiphone Riviera 1980-84 (Matsumoku) Wine Red

    Looking to buy one of the early 80s Epiphone Rivieras (full size humbuckers and stop bar tailpiece), most preferably in the wine red finish. Based in UK and can travel to collect (within reason). PM me if you have one of these guitars for sale!
  8. Alty

    [US Ebay] Epiphone EA-250 - MIJ - 1970's - $375.00

  9. fiftywattmafia

    Epiphone Elite and Elitists photos and discussion

    2002-2008 was a great period for Epiphone guitars. It was a time when they brought to the guitar market the wonderfully appointed Elite/Elitist line of guitars. I've owned many over the years and have moved along many but always come back to have one. Just such a solid, well built, great playing...