1. O

    Epi Les Paul LS modding

    Hi there, So i got my LP SL, and I decided to mod the hell out of this guitar, but i actually never modded a guitar before. Now to the problem, I would like to change the pickups probably for the hot rails or lipsticks, but I'm bit afraid that if I buy a pickup with dimensions of strat pickups...
  2. Marty_McFly

    Les Paul Kill Switch mod (Buckethead inspired)

    Hi guys and girls! It has been a while since my last post. Inbetween I've found the perfect Les Paul for me and have her already since 5 months now. (I'm talking from a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Pro. I probably will make a thread about that one in the next couple of weeks.) So now where...
  3. Isaac Ord

    Babicz Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece: Will it fit?

    I have a 2015 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro that I have modded that I want to further mod by adding a new bridge. The Babicz Full Contact Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece (FCHTOMGD) is the bridge in which I am wanting to buy for it appears to have great features I haven't seen any other bridges do...
  4. 3piece

    Mod a prophecy plus gx into a Lifeson Gibbie Axcess? How crazy?

    Epi Masters: I know, even the title is ridiculous and I may be in the wrong place (though I've searched pretty hard). I posted this on the LP forum and didn't get any takers. I just got a Epi Prophecy Plus LP. Perfect condition and at a great price. First of all, it does sound great on it's...