1. T

    New ES-335 Neck Adjustment Problem?

    Hi: I have a New ES-335 Traditional Pro Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar. I am giving the guitar a complete setup starting with the neck. I have removed the strings and using a notched straightedge checked for neck flatness. Adjusting the truss rod I can take the neck into & out of negative...
  2. T

    Should my brand new Explorer neck bend this easily?

    Got a brand new Explorer today from Zzounds. It's already going back because of some funky wiring issues, but what has me most worried is the neck. It bends if I breathe on it. It bends if I just barely lean over to reach the tuning pegs. I am curious to know if this is normal for Epiphones or...

    DOWNSIZING Without Sacrificing TONE

    I recently designed and routed this Headless Wonder out of a mahogany slab. It is similar to the Traveler Guitars that I have bought in the past. The Travelers are great and are well worth the investment if you are looking for portability and ease of toting a (full scale neck) guitar around...
  4. PeterOeh

    Epiphone Neck Shapes

    does anyone know a thread or a site who can show me the differend neck shapes on epiphone guitars? like what model/year had what neck.. and if possible also a comparison of neck shape/model/year for gibson vs epiphone.
  5. 3piece

    14" radius neck - which models?

    Hi, Though I'd look to the wisdom of the group before pinging customer service. I have a prophecy GX lp - it has a 14 inch radius neck that I absolutely love! Better than my PRS S2, AM Strat, Taylor - you get the idea. So much so that I'm wondering if there are any other models of LP out...