new guitar

  1. E

    NGD: Failed James Bay Epiphone Casino

    Hi all! Today I just pull the trigger of 2016 MIC Epiphone Casino. Actually I want a Century as I'm a massive James Bay fan. Unfortunately it's already discontinued. I know, some of you might ask why I don't buy the Century while it still in production? The answer is, I'm kinda broke back then...
  2. T

    Should my brand new Explorer neck bend this easily?

    Got a brand new Explorer today from Zzounds. It's already going back because of some funky wiring issues, but what has me most worried is the neck. It bends if I breathe on it. It bends if I just barely lean over to reach the tuning pegs. I am curious to know if this is normal for Epiphones or...
  3. Marty_McFly

    One guitar, two colors

    Hey guys 'n gals, I've decided to get a new epiphone guitar. I already knew that it has to be a LP, and after a couple of days, I found the perfect model for me. So far so good. The guitar I'm talking from is the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus. I see a lot of potential in this guitar to get my...