1. E

    NGD: Failed James Bay Epiphone Casino

    Hi all! Today I just pull the trigger of 2016 MIC Epiphone Casino. Actually I want a Century as I'm a massive James Bay fan. Unfortunately it's already discontinued. I know, some of you might ask why I don't buy the Century while it still in production? The answer is, I'm kinda broke back then...
  2. Mike Drop

    NGD!! Sheraton in a tuxedo

    Its here. The Sheraton II EB. Nope, not a pro. Needs an intense set-up session. The neck is straight and the frets seem a little worn but not worn out. The intonation is way off. I'll check the string height but seems okay for now. Only a couple of marks keeps it out of the 'excellent'...
  3. Piledriver

    NGD, not an Epiphone but..

    Ok, I know it's not an epiphone. Nor is it a Les Paul/SG etc. But this guitar is just awesome, wow... Just wanted to share my happy moment with you guys.
  4. HTSMetal

    NGD: Epiphone Casino Cherry Red

    Hey good folks at EpiTalk, I'm a huge fan of Epiphone archtops. I've always been impressed by their playability, sound and style since I started playing guitar in 2000 at age 15. I got my first Epiphone (a Sheraton II) in 2012 after reaching the semifinals of the Guitar Center King of the...
  5. StringmanK


    Was checking CL yesterday and found this LP junior, and he was asking less than what half a tank of gas costs me here in California. A few texts and an hour of my time later and she's mine. Hardly a mark or scratch on it. After adjusting the action she plays well enough, and after checking the...
  6. Alty

    [NGD] Fender CD60 CE....

    Got this in a payment for monies owed and was going to sell it but managed to wangle another deal which meant we can keep it, even more surprising was that the wife actually endorsed the wangling and likes I am my wife I think....:) Not great pics but you get the idea...

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