1. I

    SG Muse makes noise (maybe ground circuit?)

    Hi everyone. First time user here. I just got an SG Muse but noticed there's a noise coming from the guitar that stops when I touch a pickup. This makes me think this is coming from the ground circuit. I remember reading some time ago that this particular model of guitar had such issues, but...
  2. M

    Latency and monitoring question?

    I have a problem. I live in a flat (apartment) and my neighbours apparently don’t want to listen to my rendition of Creeping Death! I hate wires and so headphones consequently drive me nuts. I have an idea to get an in ear monitoring system so that I’m wire free and noise free BUT they ain’t...
  3. Dean James

    A Humming Buzz

    I recently upgraded an Sheraton II with a new wiring harness, including pots, switch & plug, & a new pair of pickups. It sounds good, but shortly after the new components were installed, a buzzing hum started making itself heard. Grounding problem, I said, & returned to the techs who did the...
  4. macsr

    Does your Epi Lucille hum through your amp?

    Mine sure does. It's not the loud noise associated with a bad ground or switched wires on the input jack, but it does annoy the heck outta me. It's in all three switch positions, every type of cable I can find, on a Marshall AVT20 with no gain and no reverb dialed on, and on a brand new Fender...

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