1. Apostata

    Q re: reversed volume control

    Hi everyone, I'm not an experienced guitarist (insofar as when it comes to anything beyond the actual playing I'm still learning the ins and outs) but I had a question relating to something I saw on another thread, and I thought I'd post it here without diverting the conversation on the other...
  2. Apostata

    Question, re: pickup height, Riviera P93

    Hi all, I've been proceeding with my Riviera for a while now and, with my guitar instructor, have been making small moderations. I got it used and the previous owner liked his action heigh and his string gauge heavy (11s), so I've had the truss rod adjusted and 10s put on to make it easier...
  3. Apostata

    Pickguard for Riviera P93

    Hi all, I have a new-to-me Riviera P93 and have some questions, re: getting a pickguard for it. First question: there are a lot of vendors (in the US and elsewhere) who offer a pre-cut guard on eBay etc (save for WD, which strangely doesn't offer this). Are there any vendors I should stay...