pick ups

  1. Paully

    Hey Scooby, it's an "RWRP" Mystery

    Hi, thanks for coming in to my thread ;) I've got what's probably a simple question for all you guitar Gurus. I've Googled the living daylights out of the question and haven't been able to find a definitve answer. First about my guitar: Squier Strat SE SSS Pick ups 1 Volume 2 Tones Basic Strat...
  2. S

    Epiphone Les Paul Studio

    Hey All, I recently got gifted an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. My whole life i've been used to playing Gibson's but Im happy with this guitar for playing small club gigs so my expensive stuff doesn't get stolen or destroyed. How do you think this guitar sounds? Is it good for playing live or...
  3. C

    Putting in Seymour Duncan JB. Need help.

    I got a little Les Paul Jr and I'm replacing the bridge pick up with a Seymour Duncan JB. I've got it mounted and the other pick up removed. Stock pickup was just two wires soldered. The JB has 4. No clue where to begin.