1. J

    Epi Emperor pickguard?

    Hello! I’ve had no luck finding a pickguard for my 1989 pre JP (Joe Pass) Emperor. I did however find that the Swingster is the spitting image of its predecessors. Is it possible that a Swingster PG would fit the ‘89 Emperor? I’m sure many others are having or have had difficulty purchasing a...
  2. Apostata

    Pickguard for Riviera P93

    Hi all, I have a new-to-me Riviera P93 and have some questions, re: getting a pickguard for it. First question: there are a lot of vendors (in the US and elsewhere) who offer a pre-cut guard on eBay etc (save for WD, which strangely doesn't offer this). Are there any vendors I should stay...
  3. D

    Dove Value After Altering

    Hey guys - brand new here. I have a 2008 Epi Dove. While I love the guitar I’m just not crazy about the pickguard. Would it be a huge mistake to replace the dove pickguard with one of the same style but plain? I don’t currently plan to sell the guitar and I’m not even sure if the value is...
  4. Ixthus_km

    Quality pickguard for my Dot??

    Anyone have any leads on a quality pick guard upgrade for my Dot? I'd like a plain white one or a white 3-ply. I ordered one off eBay but when I got it, it didn't fit and I had to return it. The only others I see on eBay or Amazon look like the exact same one. Any thoughts?
  5. V

    Epi 335 Dot pickguard replacement

    Three weeks ago I picked up an Epi 335 Dot. It is an amazing guitar. I love everything about it... well.. ALMOST everything. I find the pickguard with that huge raised "E" to be obnoxious looking. Does anyone know if there is a Gibson style/shaped pickguard that would fit my Epi without...
  6. Alty

    [Web] Fender Pickguard Designer....

    Was looking earlier for a pickguard for an idea that was rushing around my head and found this great online designer by Warmoth and even does Left Handed, yay! http://www.warmoth.com/Pickguard/GuitarPickguards.aspx Sample Some options....