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  1. S

    Minor wear on ES335

    G’day all, Probably a silly question but my 7 month old ES335 is showing some wear. Not much but to be specific it’s a formerly black screw that is now silver. Didn’t expect paint on a screw or to rub it off. I think I might anchor my little finger there from time to time when I’m playing...
  2. F

    New Casino Owner. Advice on pickup upgrade and hum?

    First -- I am super excited to find this forum! What a treasure trove of info and awesome Epiphone fans. I've been playing a Yamaha Pacifica, which I really liked, but got a new Casino because I really liked that hollow body sound. I got the last one (floor model) in the L.A. area -- Xmas, the...
  3. Lee61321

    700T Equivalents

    I have a SG VE and it has 700T pickups and I want to find a pickup that is similar to them since I like the sound.
  4. Samuel Reed

    Does anyone know what these pickups are and what I can replace them with?

    Hi all, Trying to swap pickups in a 335 shaped guitar I bought in Italy 15 years ago. Never done any of this modding malarkey until lockdown so not too confident about cutting body, etc. I've swapped humbuckers for humbuckers and humbucker size p90s before but these are... something else...
  5. M

    ES 339 - Cutting sound when selecting bridge pickup -What could it be?

    Hello everybody, I am new to the forum. What could cause an EPI ES-339 to occasionally loose connection when selecting both/bridge pick ups or just bridge? Sometimes you need to give a twiddle to make the connection . I am trying to figure out how it can be sorted out. If anybody ever had that...
  6. Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

    Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

    Gibson USA '57 Classic Plus™ Humbucker (4-wire) PAF Pickup
  7. Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

    Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

    Gibson USA '57 Classic™ Humbucker (4-wire) PAF Pickup
  8. Ted

    ET-275 Pickup Cover Replacement

    Hello, I'm having trouble finding a neck pickup cover replacement for my 1971 ET-275. The pole spacing from the first string to the sixth is 47.5 mm on center (approximately 1 7/8"). I'm just not finding anything like that on the internet. And I don't care about the age or quality, I just want...
  9. W

    pickup sensitivity

    Just added a Lucille. Love the feel and sound, however the high b and e strings have significantly more punch than the others. Tried to adjust the pickup poles, yet to no avail. Strung with Elixir 10 - 47. G is wound. Any suggestions as the b and e are just too hot? Difficult to keep the...

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