1. S

    Lace Pickup Replacement Wiring Issue

    Hey everyone, This is my first thread but I need some help. I have a 2014 (?) Silverburst Epiphone Les Paul and finally got around to swapping out the pickups. I play and write mostly sludge/doom metal, so I decided on Matt Pike's Signature Lace Dirty Heshers pickups as my upgrade...
  2. Tony Maniscalco

    Rewire Epiphone Riviera

    I'm new here. I searched to see if this was already discussed but didn't find anything. I'm sure it in here somewhere. In any event, I need a little advice. I just acquired a 1995 Epiphone Riviera made in the Peerless factory. The body and neck are in fine shape but the electronics are really...
  3. DB145

    Help! I messed up my new (used) Epi ES 339 Pro (First Post)

    In what continues to be a frustrating guitar upgrade experience, I idiotically ripped one of the volume/push-push pot shaft my recently acquired used Epiphone ES 339 pro. So far I like the guitar and feel its a keeper so Id like to fix it. Questions for the wise forum members... Where is the...
  4. C

    Changing the pots in an Epi Ltd Korina Explorer 2016/2017

    Hi guys, first post here. I recently bought a Limited Edition Korina Explorer and I'm not really that satisfied with the pots that came with the guitar; the volume pot acts as if I turned on the volume at max, suffice to say not really a smooth envelope/swell/crescendo or whatever you want to...
  5. 3piece

    Anyone know the pot value for the LP prophecy GX?

    Hi, Mine have the quick connect system and the block that you push the leads into/ pc board is mounted on top of the (Push/pull) pot so you can't see the back to get the value. I do see that they are smaller in diameter than the tone pots, which are clearly marked at 500K. I ask because I...
  6. S

    Epiphone Les Paul Studio

    Hey All, I recently got gifted an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. My whole life i've been used to playing Gibson's but Im happy with this guitar for playing small club gigs so my expensive stuff doesn't get stolen or destroyed. How do you think this guitar sounds? Is it good for playing live or...