1. Imerkat

    Split-Coil Mod with Epiphone PCB pots?

    Anyone try this mod to fatten their split-coil mode? The probuckers have this quick connect with PCB pot. Is it possible to splice a resistor in? thanks, imer
  2. J

    Explorer pickup change

    Hi all, new to the forum and hoping someone can help. I have a goth explorer with emgs fitted, and I am looking to swap pickups for a set of probuckers. The probuckers come wired with 2 vol and 2 tone. With the explorer having only 3 controls, what’s the best way to wire the probuckers...
  3. Imerkat

    Epiphone Mini Probuckers

    Was not a fan of the NY mini humbuckers in my Wilshire and after many swaps, and trying to build one myself, I made a set which I enjoyed but they were very single coil sounding without the jangle. thought I would leave it at that but than I ran into these: They have this matted nickle covers...

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