1. H

    Help me to date my Epiphone Riviera

    Hello guys, I'm new here, I didn't know this forum so this is my first post. The thing is that long time ago I bought an Epi Riviera without serial number on it, I had my doubts but I checked it and I didn't find anything that said "I'm a Chinese copy" and it also sounded (and still sounds)...
  2. Apostata

    Question, re: pickups on Riviera P93

    Hi all, I've only been playing guitar for just over a year. Beyond the basics, they can still be a bit of a mystery to me, a former drummer and keyboard player. My one and only guitar is a used Riviera P93. For those who don't know, this model has three (as the name implies) P90 pickups --...
  3. Supersonic

    More New Epi's Coming Soon

    Coronet USA Casino Wilshire Riviera with Mini-buckers and Frequensator :applause: ES-335 Nancy Wilson Crestwood Custom
  4. Apostata

    Q re: reversed volume control

    Hi everyone, I'm not an experienced guitarist (insofar as when it comes to anything beyond the actual playing I'm still learning the ins and outs) but I had a question relating to something I saw on another thread, and I thought I'd post it here without diverting the conversation on the other...
  5. Joshua L Loewen

    ISO Epi Riviera ‘80-‘84 Matsumoku!

    If anyone is interested or knows anyone who *maybe* interested in selling their ‘80s Riviera I’m highly interested! Have been scouring eBay and Reverb for months and haven’t seen a stop-tail model in maybe 6 months. Just posting here to try an expand my net. Thanks for your time!
  6. Apostata

    Question, re: pickup height, Riviera P93

    Hi all, I've been proceeding with my Riviera for a while now and, with my guitar instructor, have been making small moderations. I got it used and the previous owner liked his action heigh and his string gauge heavy (11s), so I've had the truss rod adjusted and 10s put on to make it easier...
  7. Apostata

    Pickguard for Riviera P93

    Hi all, I have a new-to-me Riviera P93 and have some questions, re: getting a pickguard for it. First question: there are a lot of vendors (in the US and elsewhere) who offer a pre-cut guard on eBay etc (save for WD, which strangely doesn't offer this). Are there any vendors I should stay...
  8. Jack Fossett

    Riviera vs. Sheraton

    New shootout is up! Riviera Custom p93 vs Sheraton II - any preference? Cheers Jack
  9. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Riviera Custom p93 Demo

    Hey folks Thanks for all the support and kind words on the videos -- here is a full dedicated demo/review of the Riviera. Enjoy! Cheers Jack
  10. Jack Fossett

    Casino vs Riviera!

    Hey folks I'm new to the forum and a dedicated Epiphone hollowbody player. I've done a number of shootout videos, special interest videos and what not, and wanted to share this latest with you all which is a back to back comparison between the standard Casino and Riviera Custom p93. Enjoy! Jack
  11. stilwel

    Peerless Casino Neck/Nut Question

    Do the mid 90's Peerless Casinos have the same narrow neck width at the nut as the same-era Rivieras? I LOVE the narrow neck on my '95 Riv. A Casino with the same neck shape would be very appealing. EDIT: The nut on my Riviera measures approximately 1-19/32 (40mm). The archive of the...
  12. Tony Maniscalco

    Rewire Epiphone Riviera

    I'm new here. I searched to see if this was already discussed but didn't find anything. I'm sure it in here somewhere. In any event, I need a little advice. I just acquired a 1995 Epiphone Riviera made in the Peerless factory. The body and neck are in fine shape but the electronics are really...
  13. Alty

    [Pic] Epiphone 1964 Riviera

    1964 Epiphone Riviera all original, originally belonged to one of the Hollies.
  14. M

    WTB: Epiphone Riviera 1980-84 (Matsumoku) Wine Red

    Looking to buy one of the early 80s Epiphone Rivieras (full size humbuckers and stop bar tailpiece), most preferably in the wine red finish. Based in UK and can travel to collect (within reason). PM me if you have one of these guitars for sale!
  15. Alty

    [Video] Rig Rundown - Gary Clark Jr.

    PG’s Chris Kies tracks down the soft-spoken guitarist and his tech Dave Folman to talk shop before Clark Jr.’s opening slot for the Foo Fighters at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Before he could ever dream of having his own signature, Clark Jr. gravitated to the Casino model because of its...

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