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    500 Listens

    I have posted this on other forums. My song "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" (I have them every Sunday) has reached 500 listens on Soundcloud. Thanks to all of you who listened here and the other forums. That may not be a lot to most of you but to me it's huge. My next closest is "Slippin' Away From...
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    Let me know what you think...........

    Please listen through the intro. Here's a snappy little tune I came up with recorded with a Telecaster style kit I built last year. Straight into Boss eBand JS-10 with no effects, then into Garage Band also with no effects. Let me know what you think Thanks,enjoy!
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    Let Me Know What You Think...Again

    My wife makes Chocolate Chip Pancakes every Sunday, so...... I think I came up with the rhythm part to this first and worked around that. The harmonies are all by accident, as they usually are in my stuff. Anyway, let me know what you think. Your opinions are appreciated.

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