1. Dudemeister

    I've had GAS again...

    GAS strikes again... A couple of weeks ago, while on vacation, I walked into a Guitar Center just looking around, and saw a used Schecter Hellraiser on the wall. Plugged in, played it for a couple of minutes and found that I liked the feel, very similar to the LTD I had, but a nicer built, with...
  2. Steven Howes

    Any love for schecter?

    I was at my local store yesterday and lo and behold they had a guitar I've been curious for ages. A Schecter Corsair Custom. God it was nice! A super fast feeling satin neck, super light, well balanced...
  3. Alty

    [Video] The Captain Meets Nick Johnston

    Some nice playing and a great view from a younger musician moving up in the industry, with some technique talk thrown in.

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