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serial number

  1. M

    Firebird with no serial number?

    Hi! For years I had this guitar, allegedly a Epiphone Firebird, bought second hand. I was trying to verify if it was a real Epiphone or a fake. It shows no serial number anywhere (not in any part of the headstock, cavities, etc. As far as I concern, all hardware matches exactly those used in...
  2. M

    Casino with a six digit serial

    Hi everyone, I'm new here - I don't think this forum existed when I last had an Epi. Anyway, I'm here to ask for your help/expertise. I've been looking at a Casino in natural finish, with a 17th fret neck join, and a six digit serial number. Various sites suggest that a six digit serial is late...
  3. M

    Cannot identify year or place of manufacture on pretty old looking Epiphone AJ-10

    Picked up an old looking Epiphone AJ-10 acoustic guitar from an antique shop today and I cannot find out any information from it using the serial number. It’s serial number is SI00086006. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Davis Sharp

    New Member from Maryland, USA

    Hi, I'm a new member from Montgomery County, MD (NW of Washington, DC). A special "Hello" to my fellow budget-guitar-loving Squier-Talk members who are also on Epi-Talk. I'm the owner of a new Epi LP. I would like to post photos of the actual guitar, but I had to take it back for repairs...
  5. A

    "Which/Where is this factory" question please???

    Ok, here's what I think might be a tough find. It's the answer to the question "what factory was this Epiphone S310 made at?" The serial # is JK99051092. The people at Gibson could not even answer the question, and the best info listed on the web is on this Wiki link where there's a factory...

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