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  1. I

    Does the 2021 Epiphone Sheraton have a dual action truss rod?

    TL;DR - Does the Sheraton have a dual action truss rod? What are the factory specs for relief and string height? What can I expect when adjusting relief on a dual action truss rod? I recently bought a used 2021 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro. I'm new to doing setups and successfully setup my Fender...
  2. Lindell Baker

    Howdy from Missouri Ozarks.

    Newbie here. A beginner guitar player. Been doing Justin Sandercoe's Beginner Song Course app. Been at it on daily basis for a little over a year now. Im in no big hurry. Trying to get the basics down pretty well so progress has been slow but steady. Got about 20 chords down fairly well. Working...
  3. J

    Sheraton II Pro Bridge Issue - Warranty Repair?

    Hi Epiphonistas, I recently (Feb. 6, 2020) purchased a brand new Sheraton II Pro Epiphone (Sunburst, Made in Indonesia) from an online vendor and registered it for warranty on the Gibson website. I have two issues with this guitar. First, it appears to me that the bridge is not installed...
  4. T

    Sheraton II Pro Wine Red with Graphtec saddles/bridge OHSC $550.

    I bought it new less than I year ago, I haven't played it much at new. I replaced the bridge/saddles to quiet a vibration. I have $ the guitar,$109. in the case and around $65. in the bridge . Selling for $550. shipped to Continental US Thanks !
  5. Isaac Ord

    Babicz Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece: Will it fit?

    I have a 2015 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro that I have modded that I want to further mod by adding a new bridge. The Babicz Full Contact Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece (FCHTOMGD) is the bridge in which I am wanting to buy for it appears to have great features I haven't seen any other bridges do...
  6. zaza_3121

    GASing for a Sheraton II PRO..

    Hi, I own two guitars: Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster (modded with Fender tremolo plate, StayTrem arm & bridge) Epiphone Les Paul Classic Plus VS (modded by the previous owner with Gibson Classic 57' in bridge, Gibson BurstBucker in neck, replaced hardware etc.) Anyway, I want another one. At first...
  7. T

    Hello from SoCal

    Hi everyone. I took up the guitar after a 37 year layoff on my 65th birthday 4 years ago. I'm still not very good but I'm having fun with it. Retiring in a few weeks and will be able to put in more time. Anyway I added a new Epiphone Sheraton II Pro a couple of weeks ago. Here's a couple of...

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