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  1. O

    NGD, need help to id this model (Sheraton)

    Hello everyone. I bought my first epiphone guitar yesterday. This was a guitar that needed saving. After a few hours of washing and polishing, this beauty emerged. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that can identify it. No serial, no stickers. Can any of you help me? I've researched on the...
  2. I

    Where can I get a replacement truss rod cover for an Epiphone Sheraton Pro II?

    I bought a used 2021 Epiphone Sheraton from someone on Facebook Marketplace. It was a great deal with a hard case included. The only thing is that the owner misplaced the truss rod cover. The major stores don't carry them and I can only find one similar replacement on eBay that says it might not...
  3. VIQ

    I need you to identify the year of a Sheraton !

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I need your experience and knowledge to identify an Epiphone Sheraton without a serial number. It seems that it is from the beginning of 1990, but the seller wasn't sure either... Also, I can't identify the brand of the head mechanism. Here are some...
  4. Imerkat

    FT: Epiphone Sheraton for 1962 Reissue

    Hello looking to trade a Sheraton from Terada Factory Japan for a red 1962 Sheraton reissue in (w/tremotone would be ideal). I'm more of a minibucker guy. If your more of a full size HB this is the best Sheraton to come out imo: Will included original leather gig bag and a set of 57/57+ (no...
  5. Mike Drop

    NGD!! Sheraton in a tuxedo

    Its here. The Sheraton II EB. Nope, not a pro. Needs an intense set-up session. The neck is straight and the frets seem a little worn but not worn out. The intonation is way off. I'll check the string height but seems okay for now. Only a couple of marks keeps it out of the 'excellent'...
  6. L

    WTB: Lefty Sheraton

    Looking for a lefty Sheraton in good conidition. Preferably MIK.
  7. Suz

    Any advice on tuning pedals?

    Yeah, I can buy the clip-on, but I gotta think it's like buying a clip-on tie!! I'd rather spend a little extra on something I can get years of good use out of. My Dad always said, "spend a little extra money and get the best!! If you don't, you'll be sorry." The older I get, the truer it...
  8. Suz

    New to Epiphone...

    Hey folks, I'm new to Epiphone, indeed, electric guitars in general. I recently put an Epiphone Sheraton-Wine Red on layaway, and I'm on pins and needles until I get my tax refund back!!! If you more experienced folks don't mind, I'd like to solicit some care instructions from you. I...
  9. Jack Fossett

    Casino vs Sheraton!

    Hey folks Finished another shootout! Two of the Epiphone heavy weights, Casino versus Sheraton II - enjoy! Jack
  10. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Sheraton II + Fender Blues Junior

    Hey everyone I did a shorter video showcasing a classic blues tone you can get with this combination of Sheraton & Blues Jr - enjoy! Jack
  11. Jack Fossett

    Riviera vs. Sheraton

    New shootout is up! Riviera Custom p93 vs Sheraton II - any preference? Cheers Jack
  12. Jack Fossett

    Epiphone Sheraton II Review & Demo

    Hey folks Finally got my hands on a Sheraton II! I’m going to do a bunch of shootouts and such, but to start here is a full demo and review - enjoy! Jack
  13. greatguitarsonline

    Hello to all Epiphone pickers

    Hello everyone. I am usually a Fender Telecaster player but have recently rediscovered my love of Epiphone guitars. I have owned a few Korean Les Pauls over the years plus a Sheraton in Tobacco Brown regretted letting go of all of them. Recently bought a Samick Ariafrom 86 which is same as...
  14. L

    Epiphone Guitars that come stock with Gibson USA pickups- any help?

    Hi folks. Just joined, but I've been looking over the forum for a few years now. But I joined up because I have a question I couldn't find answered anywhere, and I figured this is the most knowledgeable crew when it comes to the Epis! So I'm looking at an Epiphone Union Jack Sheraton some time...
  15. T

    Sheraton II Pro Wine Red with Graphtec saddles/bridge OHSC $550.

    I bought it new less than I year ago, I haven't played it much at all.like new. I replaced the bridge/saddles to quiet a vibration. I have $699.in the guitar,$109. in the case and around $65. in the bridge . Selling for $550. shipped to Continental US Thanks !
  16. Isaac Ord

    Babicz Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece: Will it fit?

    I have a 2015 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro that I have modded that I want to further mod by adding a new bridge. The Babicz Full Contact Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece (FCHTOMGD) is the bridge in which I am wanting to buy for it appears to have great features I haven't seen any other bridges do...
  17. hummingbird

    Sheraton II Pro - Rhythm and Lead

    New to the forum so hello to all. I've recorded a track featuring the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro (Wine Red). All guitars on the track are the same guitar. The Probuckers are very responsive at high volume. All in all it's a very versatile guitar and good for gigging, with no tuning issues, unlike...
  18. M

    WTB: Epiphone Sheraton Nashville Collection 1993

    On the hunt for one of these rare models finished in Vintage Sunburst. If (miraculously) you have one, PM me ASAP. May consider any of the other finishes, but VSB preferred.

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