1. Raiyn

    Vivian Campbell "Holy Diver" LP

    Could it be? An LP I could get hyped up over? The Epiphone Vivian Campbell “Holy Diver” Les Paul Outfit is the premier signature model by legend Vivian Campbell and is based on the guitar that Vivian used on Dio’s classic albums Holy Diver and The Last in Line. Featuring a Mahogany body with...
  2. M

    Upcoming artist signature models?

    Epi seem to really be pushing forward with artist signature models! Anyone know who’s going to be doing a signature guitar next (especially if it will fulfill my Explorer fetish)!
  3. Marty_McFly

    Epiphone Les Paul Slash Snakepit

    Hi guys 'n gals, does anybody of you own/owned - or ever played an Epiphone Les Paul Slash Snakepit signature model? Would be very nice if you could share your experiences with me.:)
  4. Alty

    [Video] Epiphone Artists Models....

    Quick review of the Jeff Waters, Bjorne Gelotte & Tommy Thayer models.

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