1. Damien Vivona

    Wanted Slash Chibson Snakepit Guitar Will Pay $$$$$

    Looking for a Slash Chibson Snakepit cobra inlay guitar will pay $$$$. Left or Right handed serious buyer.... Please call (561) 573-6367
  2. THRobinson

    Slash AFD Guitar

    An Epiphone Slash AFD guitar caught my eye the other day, and been debating it... sadly I live in the middle of no where so when these pop up for sale, it's usually a 2-3h drive so, I've not had the chance yet to try one. Just curious about the specs on these... tried to Google it but finding...
  3. ted keane

    What's the big deal about Slash?

    Hi all,I'm a 62 year old guy,been around music my whole life.Can anyone explain to me the deal with Slash?He's everwhere,guitar mag covers,Epiphone guitars,Gibson guitars,picks,strings,probally hair products and a limited edition tophat,so many endorsements.And touring with GnR.He's a guitar...
  4. Supersonic

    New Epi Slash Firebird

    $1299 for signed version with case (limited to 100) $899 for non-signed version