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special ii

  1. Samuel Reed

    Changing the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II

    Hi all, For purely aesthetic reasons, I'd like to change the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II. I'm keeping the machine heads themselves as it's not worth the cost or bother of installing new machine heads on a guitar of this value. Besides, the stock machine heads hold tune pretty...
  2. Samuel Reed

    Drop in machine heads for epiphone special ii

    Hi all I'm having my first ever attempt at modding a guitar. Really good fun, but I want to start easy. I'm changing everything on an Epiphone Special II. I don't have any tuning issues but I want to change the machine heads to something vintage, with white pegs; purely aesthetic. My question...
  3. SoCaliJ

    Greetings from Southern California

    Hello. Well, after a 30 year absence I decided to return to playing, basically I'm starting over from square one. I am now retired, and I can devote time to start learning anew. I've had my Epi LPSII for a month now, and I'm enjoying the routine; basic chords, chromatic scales, alternate...

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