1. Raiyn

    Helloooo Nurse! Squier Contemporary Jag NGD

    I pre-ordered this beauty from Sweetwater all the way back in January - it was supposed to be here in April. As many of you have experienced, global shipping has kinda sucked the last few months and things got delayed - a lot. The call came in from my Sweetwater rep this afternoon that it was...
  2. JHurt1968

    Fender and Squier Tele and Strat necks-MIJ, MIM

    My CFO wants me to sell off all of my spare parts so expect to see a lot of listings over the next couple of days. Payment through PayPal F&F and no trades please. Continental US only. First up is a ‘86 MIJ Squier Stratocaster neck in excellent condition. All maple with a 7.25 radius, 25.5...
  3. SoCaliJ

    Reality Check; Part I

    Since returning to playing the guitar after a very long absence, I've been having a real good time. I practice multiple times daily; I have more overall knowledge and skill now than I ever did in my youth and I am slowly improving, however, I am still a skill-less hack. I say that both...
  4. Raiyn

    Fender and Squier 2021 Pre orders

    Didn't feel like copy pasting an article, so here's a video. I've already got one on pre-order.
  5. Paruwi

    a really rare Squier [Esprit Master Series]

  6. Supersonic

    NGD Squier VM Tele Custom

    I am now the owner of this lovely Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom. It was a bit of an ordeal trying to get this thing. First I tried Sweetwater, but they don't get any more in until the end of November and I had way too much GAS to wait that long. Next I tried Musician's Friend where...
  7. Davis Sharp

    NGD - Squier Vintage Modern Telecaster Custom

    I bought this off eBay as "refurbished." I did a few searches about refurbished guitars. As you can expect, some people had good experiences and some had bad. The price was $220 US (173 UK/291 CAN/197 Euro) for a $399 (314/527/357) guitar, so I took a chance. Here's what the dealer wrote...