1. JHurt1968

    Fender and Squier Tele and Strat necks-MIJ, MIM

    My CFO wants me to sell off all of my spare parts so expect to see a lot of listings over the next couple of days. Payment through PayPal F&F and no trades please. Continental US only. First up is a ‘86 MIJ Squier Stratocaster neck in excellent condition. All maple with a 7.25 radius, 25.5...
  2. SoCaliJ

    Reality Check; Part I

    Since returning to playing the guitar after a very long absence, I've been having a real good time. I practice multiple times daily; I have more overall knowledge and skill now than I ever did in my youth and I am slowly improving, however, I am still a skill-less hack. I say that both...
  3. Raiyn

    A fun evening

    This is a wine red MIM Strat that belongs to my guitar teacher. As this wasn't a personal project, or a gift I restrained myself to the services agreed upon. Having said that, he did let me re-wire it as I liked. Apparently, the Mexican plant gives ZERO ¶¥¢<$ about leaving buffing compound...
  4. Marko

    Epiphone Strat

    Hello! I just got an old Epi strat from a friend and I cannot determine a model/year from a serial number. Can anyone help?
  5. Raiyn

    Introducing Killer Frost

    What can I say? A few months ago @Dave J hands me a blue partscaster, and even though I used to swear up and down I wasn't a Strat guy, she clicked. Oh boy did she click. I knew right then, she was going to become Killer Frost. She had a Squier neck and a Mexican trem, a full thickness body and...
  6. StringmanK

    What's Wrong With Me? Future NGD

    I've been thinking about a couple guitars I don't play and how it would be nice to thin the herd. (I have 3 guitars that are just taking up space right now.) My guitar thoughts usually also have an overlying story I tell myself: "I don't like strats." This comes from experience owning them...
  7. Paully

    Hey Scooby, it's an "RWRP" Mystery

    Hi, thanks for coming in to my thread ;) I've got what's probably a simple question for all you guitar Gurus. I've Googled the living daylights out of the question and haven't been able to find a definitve answer. First about my guitar: Squier Strat SE SSS Pick ups 1 Volume 2 Tones Basic Strat...

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