1. E

    What Guitar Is This? Kinda Interested 🤔🧐🧐

    Found this on local guitar shop. I know it's an Epiphone S series. Not sure if it's a S300 or S310. Interested because I'm mostly Gibson/Epiphone guy, but I think I "need" a single coil. So when I found this, I think this is the answer 😉. Anyone can identify this? Is it a S300 or S310? Can...
  2. RadioFM74

    NGD: AV56 stratocaster

    I needed another strat like I need a hole in the head – my AV 65 is literally all the strat I might ever need. BUT I've been wanting a blonde AV 56 for a looooong time and when this one popped out close by I jumped on it. It's a 2012 in absolutely pristine condition except for a couple little...
  3. Raiyn

    Introducing Killer Frost

    What can I say? A few months ago @Dave J hands me a blue partscaster, and even though I used to swear up and down I wasn't a Strat guy, she clicked. Oh boy did she click. I knew right then, she was going to become Killer Frost. She had a Squier neck and a Mexican trem, a full thickness body and...