1. Paruwi

    NAD - New (used) Tech21 TradeMark30 Day

    another TM-30 showed up on Reverb, price was great, so I had to hit the button.... I never really liked the 'sh!t-brown' front.. so I gone and blacked them out :lol:
  2. Paruwi

    NAD (incoming) Tech21 TradeMark 10

    Spotted a nice Tech21 TradeMark 10 last night on the Bay.... The BIN was so nice, I could not resist, so I hit the button :naughty: I already have it's stronger brother, the TradeMark 30 and still am surprised how good this SS amp sounds
  3. Paruwi

    NAD - Tech21 PowerEngine 60-12

    Just hit the button..... I had one of those active cabinets in the past - sold it to get the cash for other gear - searched long for anotherone in right condition/pricerange finally this was offered close to me, so I had to get it. Meanwhile those cabs are sold new for 550-600€ here...