1. J

    Fret-King John Jorgenson signature guitar

    Here is my Fret-King John Jorgenson Signature guitar. It’s semi hollow and very light. Ii think it is more resonant that many other “teles” I’ve played. Enjoy the video!
  2. JHurt1968

    Fender and Squier Tele and Strat necks-MIJ, MIM

    My CFO wants me to sell off all of my spare parts so expect to see a lot of listings over the next couple of days. Payment through PayPal F&F and no trades please. Continental US only. First up is a ‘86 MIJ Squier Stratocaster neck in excellent condition. All maple with a 7.25 radius, 25.5...
  3. Paruwi

    [Incoming] New (used) Telecaster Day

    Oh Lord, I've sinned again.... Black - check:thumb: Set-neck - check:thumb: double P-90 - check:thumb: Semi-Solid - check:thumb: price - check :thumb: Should be here next week....

    DOWNSIZING Without Sacrificing TONE

    I recently designed and routed this Headless Wonder out of a mahogany slab. It is similar to the Traveler Guitars that I have bought in the past. The Travelers are great and are well worth the investment if you are looking for portability and ease of toting a (full scale neck) guitar around...
  5. Davis Sharp

    NGD - Squier Vintage Modern Telecaster Custom

    I bought this off eBay as "refurbished." I did a few searches about refurbished guitars. As you can expect, some people had good experiences and some had bad. The price was $220 US (173 UK/291 CAN/197 Euro) for a $399 (314/527/357) guitar, so I took a chance. Here's what the dealer wrote...
  6. StringmanK

    F/S Telecaster/Esquire style twang machine!

    For Sale: Here is a "frankencaster" Esquire. Hate to let it go, but I need to make room. Here are the details: *body is a no-name import--good condition with a few scratches and nicks. *Mighty Mite neck, a bit of fretware, but plays well. tuners from an Ibanez S Series. *Bone nut *LINDY...
  7. A

    NGD 72 thinline

    Hey guys. Already posted in another forum but I'm too excited to shut up quite yet. :D I traded my Taylor 214ce for a mim 72 reissue telecaster last weekend. I noticed immediately there was some corrosion on some of the hardware and frets. He said it sat in his room Unplayed for 4 years. I can...