1. P

    2012 Casino sounds flat

    I recently received a 2012 Casino that is in excellent condition, the protective shipping film was still on the pick ups and guard. I took it to a local guitar shop for new strings and a set up, I had noticed excessive buzz from the low E up and down the entire neck and also buzzing from the A...
  2. S

    Quack point and tones

    G'day all, I have had my ES-335 for about a month now and I really do love it. So versatile and beautiful to play. Anyhoo, I've been reading about the middle pick-up setting where you can roll the neck volume back a touch to hit what "they" refer to as the "quack point". "This delivers vocal...

    DOWNSIZING Without Sacrificing TONE

    I recently designed and routed this Headless Wonder out of a mahogany slab. It is similar to the Traveler Guitars that I have bought in the past. The Travelers are great and are well worth the investment if you are looking for portability and ease of toting a (full scale neck) guitar around...
  4. Davis Sharp

    Santa Baby - Epiphone sighting

    Santa Baby, sung by Daniela Andrade. She's a Canadian singer-songwriter and most of her stuff is acoustic. But she gets a wonderful tone from her Epiphone SG Special.
  5. Alty

    The Science Behind Acoustic Guitar Tone....

    On my travels for Saddle info I found this interesting article which IMHO is part of a good learning reference if so inclined. "What are the magical properties that make a quality guitar sound so spine-tingling good? When you strip away the tradition, the romance, and a little luthier voodoo...