1. ian Norma

    Epiphone vintage trem parts

    Hi everyone, I'm new on ET and and I wanted to ask if any of the forum members could help me. I 'd like to restore a missing part of my vintage 1965 epiphone casino. In particular, if anyone knows if it is available or if it is possible to make the piece highlighted in the photo, a sort of...
  2. Dudemeister

    Bigsby Installation

    I have a question regarding the installation of a Bigsby trem. I have a B700, and I know I'll have to drill a couple of holes in the body to lock in the trem, but can I put felt pads underneath to prevent it from scratching the finish?
  3. J

    Looking for Epiphone Tremotone Tailpiece and/or parts of same

    Hi, I'm looking for an Epiphone Tremotone Tailpiece and/or parts of same to add to my Wilshire. Interested in vintage or reissue, whatever I can find. Need the wood part with E emblem as well for a second guitar missing just this part. Please message if you have either for sale or know of...
  4. M

    Epiphone 435i

    I have a beautiful condition Epiphone 435i in Red for sale. It is all original except for the bridge block. As most of you may know, the standard Mazak material used on the Epiphone bennder bridge was terrible and shattered under it's own tension.... I have had a brass block machined so I could...

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