1. J

    Looking for Epiphone Tremotone Tailpiece and/or parts of same

    Hi, I'm looking for an Epiphone Tremotone Tailpiece and/or parts of same to add to my Wilshire. Interested in vintage or reissue, whatever I can find. Need the wood part with E emblem as well for a second guitar missing just this part. Please message if you have either for sale or know of...
  2. J

    Looking for wood "E" part for tremotone

    I acquired a sweet 50th Anniversary Sheraton, cherry red with gold hardware and tremotone. It is missing the wood insert with the "E" on it and I would like to find one to replace it. If you have one or know a source, let me know, thanks!
  3. Imerkat

    Anyone know how to remove the Tremotone wood piece?

    thought i asked before breaking something. think it might be like the vibrolas with a small screw at the side. though there is a small hole on the side don't see what it is for. Thanks, Imerkat