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  1. P

    Maxed out truss rod on Les Paul 100. Replace the neck or return the guitar?

    I got a used Les Paul 100 for around $160. It was in pretty poor shape; the frets were dull and it has quite a few dings. I was setting it up and ended up maxing out the truss rod. Usually on a new guitar, I can get the neck perfectly straight with a 1/8 turn, but I have to turn the truss rod on...
  2. I

    Does the 2021 Epiphone Sheraton have a dual action truss rod?

    TL;DR - Does the Sheraton have a dual action truss rod? What are the factory specs for relief and string height? What can I expect when adjusting relief on a dual action truss rod? I recently bought a used 2021 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro. I'm new to doing setups and successfully setup my Fender...
  3. Stringbuzz

    Getting used to a new Sheraton

    Hi Everyone, just registered here as a proud owner of a brand new Epiphone Sheraton II pro. I love this guitar's sound and the neck feels great too. I do have a few issues: posture and action. POSTURE: I've been playing a Stratocaster for years and the Sheraton feels huge. It also feels heavier...
  4. J

    Les Paul Special 2020 Neck Issue

    First time poster. I just received a Ephiphone Les Paul Special 2020 from Musicians Friend. I love the guitar but there is hardly any relief on the next, I'm talking almost dead straight. I have the truss rod so loose that it is snug. I'm looking for advice on getting more relief or is it...
  5. C

    Hoping for some help with my new Epiphone

    Just recently bought a 2020 Epiphone lea Paul standard 60’s In bourbon burst. I love how it looks. I have been fighting with feet buzz since I bought it. Is this typical? I’m afraid it might need fret work. I’ve adjusted truss rod and action on all my other guitars and I’ve been able to at least...

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