1. Samuel Reed

    Changing the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II

    Hi all, For purely aesthetic reasons, I'd like to change the machine head buttons on an Epiphone Special II. I'm keeping the machine heads themselves as it's not worth the cost or bother of installing new machine heads on a guitar of this value. Besides, the stock machine heads hold tune pretty...
  2. Samuel Reed

    Drop in machine heads for epiphone special ii

    Hi all I'm having my first ever attempt at modding a guitar. Really good fun, but I want to start easy. I'm changing everything on an Epiphone Special II. I don't have any tuning issues but I want to change the machine heads to something vintage, with white pegs; purely aesthetic. My question...
  3. Dario

    Is original tuners Epiphone Zenith 1939 ?

    I found these tuners (only 5 tuners) in the case of an epiphone zenith 1939 which now features grovers from a later era. I have not found any similar images on the web! Who helps me to name it? They are perhaps Waverly made in germany!
  4. RegularJim

    New Tuners!

    Good afternoon, After much contemplating, I decided to go ahead and buy some sealed tuners and try to replace the stamped tuners on my Epi SG Special. I am no carpenter, and this was my first go at removing wood from a guitar. Since most of the tuners on the market today require a 10 mm...
  5. Alty

    Duesenberg spares.....anyone tried them?

    Was reading a post on FB yesterday and it mentioned a Duesenberg Tremelo as an alternative for a Bigsby, so got me thinking, as I didn't know Duesenberg sold spares, I had a quick look and some of the stuff looks pretty nice for the money. Their Z Tuners look nice and well made and can be...