1. Imerkat

    Mini humbucker mounting screws?

    Anybody know where to get them or what what type of screws they are? I thought they were pickguard screws but the heads weren’t the right size. This is for the kind that come in wilshires and vintage Sheratons not the flat rings. thanks
  2. Supersonic

    More New Epi's Coming Soon

    Coronet USA Casino Wilshire Riviera with Mini-buckers and Frequensator :applause: ES-335 Nancy Wilson Crestwood Custom
  3. Imerkat

    Epiphone Wilshire with Horse-shoe Varitone!

    Earlier this year I broke the tremolo arm on the Tremotone on this 2012 Wilshire Re-issue and sat broke for a while. After soldering it and re-breaking there wasn't much left to fix I considered my options. So did a little search for Epiphone Tremolo and with some drilling and elbow grease, I...
  4. M

    What did I buy??

    Hello new around here, About two years ago I was cruising CL for a beater guitar. I found an ad for an MIJ epiphone for cheap, so I checked it out it felt solid so I bought it. Ad said wilshire ii but I cant find any info on it anywhere. I took it apart and found a serial number but no model...
  5. Imerkat

    Epiphone Mini Probuckers

    Was not a fan of the NY mini humbuckers in my Wilshire and after many swaps, and trying to build one myself, I made a set which I enjoyed but they were very single coil sounding without the jangle. thought I would leave it at that but than I ran into these: They have this matted nickle covers...