1. S

    Lace Pickup Replacement Wiring Issue

    Hey everyone, This is my first thread but I need some help. I have a 2014 (?) Silverburst Epiphone Les Paul and finally got around to swapping out the pickups. I play and write mostly sludge/doom metal, so I decided on Matt Pike's Signature Lace Dirty Heshers pickups as my upgrade...
  2. A

    eS335 dot wiring

    Hi everyone , my first post . I recently got a 2015 es335 dot studio ,which i have modded to add a further volume and tone control to make a standard type 2 pups ,two vol ,two tone and 3 way tog . i followed the standard wiring for that but find that the tone controls do nothing . any thoughts...
  3. T

    Explorer + Coil Split Wiring

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for coil-splitting an Explorer with 2V/1T/3-way toggle? (I realize I will have to cut the quick connects. Probuckers are likely getting replaced soon.)
  4. Crane

    Casino Coupe Wiring

    Hello Folks, I managed to break off 2 red wires from the neck volume pot. There are too many red wires and I don't remember where they go. I tried searching the nets but have not found a wiring diagram for the Casino Coupe. I also tried soldering them to different points and have gotten some...
  5. V

    Wiring diagram for Richie Faulkner Flying V ?

    Hi everyone, I own an Epiphone Richie Faulkner Flying V, and I would like to install a kill-switch. I still haven looked behind the pickguard and have no idea how the pickups and volume control and pickup-switch are wired. Has anybody a picture or wiring diagram of this guitar ? Thanks ! Vincent
  6. P

    Hello and Nighthawk queries – can you help?

    Was about to start a new thread elsewhere as my searches drew a blank and thought this might be better. I had wanted an original 90s Nighthawk for some time, but wasn't sure about the pickups and people selling seemed to think that abuse should be rewarded with a premium price. Not from me, it...
  7. C

    SL wiring for hotrails

    Hi. I’ve been using my SL to practice all sort of mods and I’m now on to the pick-ups. I’ve bought a pair of unbranded hotrails and I want to double check how to wire them in. There’s four wires - black, white, yellow and red. The yellow and red ones clearly need to be linked and taped off to...
  8. Raiyn

    A fun evening

    This is a wine red MIM Strat that belongs to my guitar teacher. As this wasn't a personal project, or a gift I restrained myself to the services agreed upon. Having said that, he did let me re-wire it as I liked. Apparently, the Mexican plant gives ZERO ¶¥¢<$ about leaving buffing compound...
  9. C

    Wiring Diagram

    Hello – new member here, first post. I have an original Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe guitar. Unfortunately, before it came to me someone had swapped out the original chrome pickups with gold ones of the same size and type. They basically hacked the braided cable to do so. I’m wondering if anyone...
  10. C

    Putting in Seymour Duncan JB. Need help.

    I got a little Les Paul Jr and I'm replacing the bridge pick up with a Seymour Duncan JB. I've got it mounted and the other pick up removed. Stock pickup was just two wires soldered. The JB has 4. No clue where to begin.

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