1. Raiyn

    It's Wednesday my dudes. NGD

    I'd been eyeballing a MK2 Yamaha Revstar Standard since they came out and that latest kerfuffle over cases for one was the final kick in the pants I needed. I have some minor personalization / cosmetic mods planned. Why "Wednesday"? Because I've been looking at doing a goth-y theme build...
  2. Paruwi

    Yamaha buys Ampeg! It’s all about the bass.

    https://www.gearnews.com/yamaha-buys-ampeg/ Yamaha buys Ampeg! It’s all about the bass. Yamaha adds another great music brand to it's portfolio Yamaha has purchased Ampeg · Source: Yamaha/Ampeg Ampeg is no longer owned by LOUD Audio LLC but will now be run from the Far East, as Yamaha...
  3. Alty

    [Acoustic] Anyone tried Silk & Steel Strings?

    Just though I'd ask, seen some YT video but wanted some personal opinions, got an FG720S coming and was going to try them on it, any and all views welcome. :)
  4. Alty

    [NGD] Yamaha FG720S....almost +1....

    Picked up one at last and right handed (Left Handed one :) ), it's 18 months old but never used, not in hand as got a 2 hr round trip to pick up over the weekend but pic is of actual guitar. Couldn't say no really, they are £285 new here and cost me less than a 3rd of that. Just hope my offer...