1. PeterOeh

    Sharing and Promoting Your Music

    :jb: Sharing and promoting your music. :dude: This thread is for sharing your music. Post links to youtube, soundcloud etc.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not a thread for big professional productions (tho, there are also...
  2. PeterOeh

    Peterson Strobe Tuner App to Andriod.. Get it for FREE

    Been using Peterson Strobe Tuner App for a little while now, and i can only recommend it. its really precis (perfect to get a dead on intonation), can show cents, hz, midi, lots of tuning options. been through alot of tuners and tuning apps, this Peterson Strobe Tuner is by far the best tuner...
  3. PeterOeh


    a little over a week ago youtube terminated my main channel. /CyberReLoad a channel i had to close to 10 years, 392 video upload, 3000+ subs and 750000+ views. ya it was a small channel but it was mine and it meant alot to me. the point is my account was in GOOD STANDING, then i get ONE strike...