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  1. F

    WTB Frequensator Tailpiece

    Hi there, I recently acquired a vintage Epiphone Zephyr with a replaced tailpiece. I'm looking for a Frequensator branded tailpiece to return the guitar to its stock configuration. There are plenty of "Frequensator-style" tailpieces out there, but my guitar had the original stamped version...
  2. RadioFM74

    The official Quarantine Swing Postcards thread (or: how a ’46 Epiphone amp sounds)

    To keep my chops together in confinement I decided I’d study and record a few jazz standards. I’m sure that my beloved Casino will come in handy – it’s a great bop guitar - but until now I’ve gone for a rawer, early jazz sound. For the electric guitar tracks, I’ve used a Loar acoustic with an...
  3. Supersonic

    John Lee Hooker 100th Anniversary Zephyr Outfit

    $799 w/ vintage style case and leather strap Only 1,000 available world wide Top Material: Laminated Maple Body Material: Laminated Maple Neck Material: Mahogany with Hard Maple Center Stripe Neck Profile: Vintage "C" Profile Neck Joint: Glued-In Headstock: Traditional Epiphone "Sloped...
  4. theechobox

    Wanted: Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe

    REALLY interested in one of the Epiphone Zephyr BLues Deluxes. Message me with info if you can stand to part yours..

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