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    Thanks again for your advice. I'm hoping the nickel silver covers will be easily sourced and fitted, I won't be carrying out any of this work myself.

    I sent a message to Fralin which included the Oasis video I posted here and received the following reply -
    "While we do have dogear P-90's that will fit your Casino and give you great, clear lows, P-90's will not sound like the mini humbuckers that Noel is using in this video. That stated, I recommend going with our Hum Cancelling P-90 set to get the closest thing we offer to that sound in a dogear P-90 form factor"

    I've narrowed it down to the following 3 options, otherwise where do you stop

    Your thoughts will be appreciated. Also can I just replace the neck pickup or will leaving the original on the bridge imbalance the sound?

    I've narrowed the pickups down to these 3
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    Three great choices. Can't go wrong with any of them but now you also have a hum canceling set to consider if you don't mind spending a few bucks more. My P90s are fairly quiet around my home but I also have an EHX Humdebugger pedal I can run that will silence them if I'm playing somewhere where their hum can become an issue. https://www.ehx.com/products/hum-debugger/

    If I didn't have that pedal I would at least want my P90s to be RW/RP so they would hum cancel in the middle position when both pickups are activated. It's a pricey pedal but then I have a lot of single coil pickups. For just one guitar with P90s I'd probably spend the extra money for a hum canceling set.

    Didn't realize Noel's guitar didn't have P90s. Guess I wasn't looking carefully enough but then mini-humbuckers would tend to sound a bit more like P90s and the Kent Armstrong humbucker size P90 in neck position of one of my Teles reminds me more of a mini-humbucker. It's very clear and open sounding.

    Volume imbalance shouldn't be a problem as long as the output of the replacement is similar to the stock pickup and that can be measured to a certain degree. I just don't know how well it would balance tonally without hearing them so I'd tend to go with a full set myself because it would add more value.

    But the pickups are sold individually so you can always replace one and see if you like it and if not replace the other as well. That's another option for you.

    This was my source for the nickel silver dog ear covers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123578616981 They cost me $24.16 incl tax for the two and you can get them in either a nickel or a polished chrome finish. I also bought a nickel silver soap bar set from another vendor for my ES339. Those ran a little over $31.00.

    Let me wrap up by saying I've never felt that spending money on top shelf pickups has ever been a waste or a disappointment. I knew what to expect and the cost involved well ahead of time when I was shopping them out and I'm capable of installing them myself along with any other electronics.

    But one caveat I can offer is that buyers will often balk at paying more for upgraded pickups so I'd keep the stock pickups and be prepared to swap them back should you ever decide to sell the guitar. I will typically offer something with the pickup upgrade but not for the same price as with the stock pickups.

    So far my P90s are all stock but I have several sets of Tele and bass pickups in a closet for those instances where I have had to swap out a set of upgraded pickups in exchange for a stock set.

    Overall I've been pleased with the newer Pro versions of the Epi P90s which both my Casino and my ES339 have but my '56 Gold Top predates the Pro versions and those I may eventually replace with a different set.

    It's the only Les Paul I'm likely ever to own so I really don't mind upgrading it since I have no plans to ever sell it and it's the same with my Casino. I've already turned down offers on it from two of my jam buddies.

    Best of luck with your decisions and if anything I've had to add or suggest has been helpful so much the better. Part of why we exist here is to help others out as they work through issues and/or decisions regarding their Epiphones.
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    Oh yeah! That looks really sharp. I bet it sounds awesome too.

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