Epiphone Custom Pro Pot replacment

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    Nov 8, 2016

    I need to change the electronic inside a Epiphone Custom Pro guitar.
    Mine got 3 push/pull pot : Volume Rythm + Treeble and Tone Rythm.
    To explain my concern i upload an image (EpiProWiringHarness.jpg) and explain below:
    • A is the Rythm Mic connector
      Its connected to the Tone pot of the Rythm section and from it it goes to the Volume on C
    • B is the Treeble mic connector
    Did you have any idea where i can get this wiring harness ?

    Did you think it will be compatible with something similar but without the Tone push/pull pot ? (same this one : See attached file : NewHarness.jpg) I wonder more if i replace by this one if i can connect the A mic connection to the volume without having problem.

    But i think that as far as i replace the Whole electronic inside it should work.

    Any advise would be nice guys and girls.


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