Epiphone LP Muse Pickups


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Apr 29, 2021
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I don't care if it's the margins of the Dead Sea scrolls in ambrosia sealed with Jimi Hendrix's pot resin, it ain't worth that much.
I've seen the scrolls in person, I'd pay up for that. Stairway to Heaven would sound so much sweeter. :hmm:
Mar 8, 2023
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Wow! It is pretty heavy for a chambered guitar.

OK, in that case, you could try a P90 in a humbucker size (also called P94). They are not really humbuckers (more like big single coils), but they sound close to P90s. Guitar Fetish has some interesting ones.

I had a GFS Dream 90 pickup in the bridge of my Dot Studio for a while. It was alright.


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Jun 16, 2017
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Satan's Armpit, (aka St. Petersburg, FL)
Not even $, so long as you're not going orange drops or fancier, you're talking about literal pennies.
<sigh> $ = low cost. Mo' $'s = mo' money.

To your point though, buying common "guitar" value caps ala carte on say eBay is going to cost you more than a few pennies unless you're buying in bulk. Which, unless you're doing guitar or electronics work on the regular is kinda pointless.

20230322_140101 (1).jpg
Just a couple of different 0.022μF cap types I have on hand.
Still about 100 times more expensive that the cheap ones that will do the exact 100% same job.
Oh definitely. The only thing special about an Orange Drop is the fact they call it an Orange Drop, and it looks cool I guess.

How about potentiometers? Will every brand of 300K potentiometers perform the same?
Alphas get a bad rap for being "foriegn", but they do the job. I generally swap them out, but that's usually with a full electronics package deal.

There are some no-name pots that •could• be fine but if they're not willing to put their name on it... I ain't buying.

Bourns and CTS are generally what I stick with.

Again, like the caps I look at the tolerance as an indicator of quality. If I want (for example) a set of 500K pots I'm going to go to Art of Tone and get their 525K ±5% model where the range would be 500KΩ to 550KΩ

If I'm looking for a 250K I'd generally buy a 300K (again CTS or Bourns) because
  • I tend to prefer hotter pots so erring a bit high doesn't matter
  • If they're "cold" (which generally they have been) they're still right around 250KΩ which is better than a 190KΩ "250" pot.
I meter everything I use and I typically Sharpie the readings right on the pot. That goes away after clean up, but until it's soldered in place it's labeled.

I've seen the scrolls in person, I'd pay up for that. Stairway to Heaven would sound so much sweeter. :hmm:
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