Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500 MCE. Fishman instead of Esonic??

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Steven Smith, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Nov 3, 2020
    Hi all.
    Brand new member from UK and this is my first ever post. I have noticed this subject has been discussed once before a while ago but it didn’t provide any real answers.
    Had been waiting a month for my Epi Masterbilt DR-500 MCE to arrive.
    Finally came yesterday. Opened it up and instead of having the Esonic shadow hardware, it has a different Fishman tuner on it. It has fishman pre-amp electronics and not the shadow nanameg/nanoflex one. Also didn’t have the 2 lead socket outputs, nor the shadow pickup at the bottom of neck by the hole either. So I sent it back thinking it was a manufacturing defect. So today another replacement arrived and it's exactly the same. I've sent that one back too. It seems this is how they are now being built.
    Hardly any info online about this change/update. All websites still showing it for sale still has the old original 2 pickup Esonic nanameg/nanoflex electrics on their website pictures. They said they will be changing this. Apparently Epiphone are making them this way from now on, using the updated Fishman set up that comes from some Gibson models.
    The acoustic guitar itself is exactly the same, hasn't changed. It's just the electrics/pickups/preamp that has changed.
    I phones a few shops here in UK and they have confirmed that their new stock has the updated Fishman setup.
    Don't know what to do now.
    Not sure how much difference it'll make. Is it better or worse?.

    Can anyone answer if.......
    Do the new guitars still have 2 pickups or just 1?
    Why Epiphone have changed from Esonic to Fishman.
    Is this now less guitar for the same money?
    Do you, or, do you know someone with any kind of knowledge whatsoever on this subject?
    Thank you

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