FOR SALE - Fender, Gretsch, and Rickenbacker Guitars - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

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    I have five guitars from my collection that I want to sell. Each of these guitars is in like new condition. I purchased each of them new and am the original owner. They’ve never left my house. These guitars are offered for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the Amarillo, Texas area. Please don’t ask about shipping, any such inquiries will not be answered. I am not posting pictures in this ad nor am I sending them via email, too many tire kickers and lookyloos. If you have a serious interest in any of these guitars, you need to come and see them. If you have any questions or wish to set up a meet to check out these guitars, please contact me through the Epiphone Talk message system.

    1) Gretsch G6122-12 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 12-string electric guitar. This guitar is an FSR (factory special run) version of the standard Walnut Stain model, characterized by its Amber Stain finish. Gold hardware throughout. From the Professional Series line of instruments from Gretsch, made in Japan. Completely original with factory certificate and deluxe hardshell case. $1800

    2) Gretsch G6128T-1962 solid body 6-string electric guitar. This guitar is another FSR version of the standard model, characterized by its Vintage White finish. Part of the Professional Series line of instruments from Gretsch, made in Japan. Completely original with factory certificate and deluxe hardshell case. $1500

    3) Rickenbacker Model 660-12 solid-body 12-string electric guitar finished in Mapleglo. Highly flamed body, front and back. This model has Rickenbacker’s wider-than-standard nut width, vintage tuners, toaster top pickups, checkerboard binding, and the 12-saddle adjustable bridge. Made in USA (of course) and includes the original factory hardshell case. $1900

    4) Fender Classic Series 50’s Telecaster with P-90 neck pickup. This is a limited edition FSR Telecaster made in Mexico and finished in Lake Placid Blue with one-piece maple neck and an Ash body. The standard bridge pickup on this model is an American Vintage ’58 paired with a Fender P90 neck pickup. The standard pickguard is 4-ply tortoise shell. Has all the usual Classic Series appointments, including 7.25” radius, vintage small frets, vintage-style tuners, etc. Includes the original Pro Series tweed center-pocket case. $900

    5) Fender Classic Series 50’s Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This is a limited edition FSR Stratocaster, made in Mexico, finish is Fiesta Red with gold hardware. Includes an Alder body, one-piece maple neck with 7.25” radius, vintage small frets, and the usual Classic Series appointments. Additionally, the guitar comes standard with Fender American Vintage ’56 Stratocaster pickups. Includes a Fender G&G black tolex case. $900

    If you’ve read this far, thanks for looking.

    Best regards,
    Amarillo, Texas
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    You make it sound like it's such a giant hassle for you to even go out of your way to post a pic of a guitar that you want to sell? Regardless of you meaning it that way or not, that's how it comes off. Even if I lived in the same city as you I wouldn't bother even going to look at them with that marketing strategy which comes off as lazy and obnoxious. Good luck with the sale anyway I guess.
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    Same. Even a half ass, meth head, Craigslist ad has pictures.
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