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    Once upon a time, had a jazz trio, played regularly with two bands and jammed with friends often. As recently as two years ago I was playing about 5-6 hours every day to keep my chops up. Then I got sick, had hand surgery, moved from the Sacramento river delta to the foothills and the pandamndemic struck. Once upon a time, I had reasons, or at least a viable excuse to have so many guitars. At this point in time it is very likely I'll never play out again and even if I do I won't need to carry a bunch of guitars to a gig.
    Even before the move, I had planned on thinning the herd and using logic, I decided that I didn't need to keep so many similar types. I have four semi-hollows, three with p-90s and the one that was the least used is my Wildkat.
    I placed an ad on the neighborhood bulletin board,took her out of the case for a clean and polish and played a couple of jazz riffs, put her back and took down the ad.
    A year later, I still have too many guitars so I repeated the process, including the posting, playing and un-posting. I've sold Gibsons, Kramers and Fenders without as much grief. Maybe I'll just expand the music room out into the patio.
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