[Video] Rig Rundown - Gary Clark Jr.

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    PG’s Chris Kies tracks down the soft-spoken guitarist and his tech Dave Folman to talk shop before Clark Jr.’s opening slot for the Foo Fighters at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

    Before he could ever dream of having his own signature, Clark Jr. gravitated to the Casino model because of its sleek, symmetrical body shape and its ability to give him tones reminiscent of B.B. King and T-Bone Walker. Following the success of his album Blak and Blu, Epiphone honored the Texas axe-slinger with his own signature model shown above. The only major differences from a standard Casino are the Blak and Blu finish and that it’s loaded with Gibson P-90s. Almost of his guitars are strung up with D’Addario Custom Nickel .011–.049, but the lower-tuned guitars use .011–.052.

    This Fender Custom Shop 1963 Strat is very special to Clark Jr. and not just because it’s the best sounding one he’s played and it reminds him of Nile Rodgers’ Hitmaker, but because it was given to him by his fiancée after he mentioned that “I need that in my life” when walking by Ludlow Guitars in NYC. He typically uses the Strat on the more soulful cuts like “Cold Blooded,” “Star,” and “Down to Ride.” This is the only guitar with lighter-gauge strings, which uses D’Addario Custom Nickel .010–.046.
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    good stuff

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