Where can I get a replacement truss rod cover for an Epiphone Sheraton Pro II?


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Mar 28, 2022
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I bought a used 2021 Epiphone Sheraton from someone on Facebook Marketplace. It was a great deal with a hard case included. The only thing is that the owner misplaced the truss rod cover. The major stores don't carry them and I can only find one similar replacement on eBay that says it might not fit a Sheraton and would probably need to be cut to fit. I emailed Gibson asking if there was a way I could purchase one from them and the representative that responded actually said they would just send me one. I was thrilled and waited until a few weeks went by and followed up asking if I should be expecting it. He responded saying he hadn't shipped it out yet and would let me know when he did. That was probably over a month ago so at this point, I'm thinking they're not sending it. So I'm back on my hunt to just get the truss rod cover and screws myself but again, it's kind of difficult to find. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? Thanks!

TL;DR - My used 2021 Sheraton is missing the truss rod cover. It's difficult to find someone that sells a replacement. Any leads would be great!

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Oct 9, 2016
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I was also going to suggest talking to PLS. I would like to replace the "Gibson" TRC on my '92 Sheraton with an Epi-logo one, and talked to them about it. I would have to send them mine as template for a custom job ($25), as they don't carry any that would match the holes on mine - but they do carry, IIRC, 7 different ones for Sheris - just in Epi logo, and a good lot cheaper. I don't know what other ones they have, nor what comes on a Pro II, but there's a fair chance they can help you. Measure the distance between the holes (both across the nut & from those to the point) and drop them an e-mail.
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